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I am a one-woman business who designs, builds and manages websites and digital media for artists and craftspeople.
I look after the digital side of an artist’s practice so that they can focus on being productive in their studio while I establish and enhance their online profile.
It would be my pleasure to help you too.

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Why your micro-business needs a website in 2021

As an individual artist or maker selling your work you are probably in the category of ‘micro-business’, meaning that your organisation employs between one and nine people. Here are my top ten reasons for having a well designed website for your micro-business in 2021.

What is Flaming Pearl?

This is an introduction to me as a person rather than a service.  The sort of thing you imagine you would write for your ‘About’ page on your website before you find out work out or get told (quite alarmingly) that your About page is nothing really about you, but everything about the solutions you have to other peoples’ problems.